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"expats from around the world are interviewed about why they became expats, what they would do differently if they moved again and advice for others moving to their location. It is a treasure trove of reliable information if you are considering a move to an expat destination."

- Allianz Care

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The Expat Mama is mum of two, Emily. Not particularly adventurous, absolutely no sense of direction and a bit of a novice with international travel, expat life has been a learning curve. A steep one.

But look at us now! Seeing the world, doing all the things, trying all the foods and making all the memories.

If you've stumbled across The Expat Mama because you too are living overseas. WELCOME! I hope you find something of a community here, expat women are honestly some of the warmest, kindest, most thoughtful and genuine friends you will make. Because, quite simply, we get it. We're your village. Great to have you here.

And if you happen to be here because you want to work with me / The Expat Mama community, then hi! But pop over to the Work With Me page for what you probably want to know!