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The Expat Mama was started in August 2016 just days after I had arrived in Singapore. At the time we were still waiting for our container to arrive with all our belongings in it, we were living in temporary accommodation whilst our paperwork was finalised, and we knew nobody. Lonely, unhappy and somewhat overwhelmed I turned to writing for solace. 

Initially The Expat Mama was to be a diary of our expat adventure. Nothing more. A diary of the up’s and down’s of this crazy decision to move our family 7000 miles from home, family and familiarity. But as is often the way (and as everyone tried to tell me they would), things got a lot better. 

I – and the family – settled into life as expats in Singapore for two years. But, as is so often the way, nothing is forever and in June 2018 we began our journey of repatriation to the UK. We now live predominantly in the UK, but having just taken on a substantial renovation project in rural France we still flit between countries and cultures. I suppose you could say Singapore has given us a taste for adventure... we can usually be found zooming around in my little Fiat 500 with our pooch, Reginald, causing havoc and making memories to last a lifetime.

I hope you enjoy reading about our journey(s) and if you have any questions about expat life with young kiddies, or living in Singapore, or (as of 2018) doing up an old French house, please feel free to drop me a line anytime! 

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As an active, fun and PR friendly family we are open to working with businesses on collaborative projects that fit our travel, family and lifestyle ethos. The Expat Mama platform and associated social media following is a great place for campaigns and I've been lucky enough / worked hard enough to have worked with some great publications and brands already, from being interviewed for features on being an expat and living in Singapore, to being invited to write my own original content on motherhood.

Some of those publications and brands include:

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If you would like to find out more, or to request a media pack, please drop me a line theexpatmama@gmail.com 

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