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Welcome to The Expat Mama! I’m so happy you’re here! I hope you find this blog interesting, inspiring, and reassuring maybe? There’s so much to start reading on expat life, raising a family overseas and traveling with kids. Not sure where to start?

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Why I Started The Expat Mama

The Expat Mama was started in August 2016 just days after I had arrived in Singapore as a trailing spouse. At the time we were still waiting for our container to arrive with all our belongings in it, we were living in temporary accommodation whilst our paperwork was finalised, and we knew nobody. Lonely, unhappy and somewhat overwhelmed I turned to writing for solace. 

Initially The Expat Mama was to be a diary of our expat adventure. Nothing more. A diary of the up’s and down’s of this crazy decision to move our family 7000 miles from home, family and familiarity. But as is often the way (and as everyone tried to tell me they would), things got a lot better. 

I – and the family – have now settled into life as expats. We love Singapore and the opportunities it offers to travel around the region. But most of all we love the memories we are making. And I say that as a fairly unadventurous Brit (slightly reluctantly) abroad!

I hope you enjoy reading about our journey and if you have any questions about expat life with young kiddies or living in Singapore please feel free to drop me a line. 

So glad to have you here!

Emily Abbey

Founder and Editor-in-Chief