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A New Arrivals Guide to Settling in Singapore With Kids

If you're thinking of moving to Singapore / just about to move to Singapore / recently arrived in Singapore and feeling a bit in at the deep end, I gotcha. Two years ago when we moved here I basically didn't really know anyone, and certainly no one with kids. I won't hash out the same old sob story, but it was something of a bewildering, slightly lonely period. I had a toddler with a limited supply of pull ups and a nummy (dummy / pacifier) that kept going awol, and a little boy who refused to eat anything that wasn't white and pasta shaped. Chuck into the mix us finding ourselves jet lagged new arrivals in this hectic city (hectic compared to Devon anyway), and I was rife for some sort of maternal breakdown. So yes, when I say I get it, it's because I really, really do.

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Dear New Expat Mama, Welcome

It's almost exactly two years to the day that we made our move from the UK to Singapore official. Tis the season. Expat's will be coming and going all around the world right now and over the next couple of months or so. Removal firms will be booked, boxes packed, and lives condensed into twenty foot metal containers ready to be shipped to a new life somewhere. School places will be frantically sourced, leases negotiated, and visa's stamped. Sometimes it's a new life just beginning, sometimes it's an old life being rediscovered. To mark the beginning of "expat season" we've compiled some lovely snippets of advice from the expat mama community all over the world about this life, which are all (or at least some) of things I wish people had told me two years ago...

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Indoor Singapore: The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre

As the temperature starts to creep up in Singapore it can sometimes feel somewhat challenging to entertain little people without stepping inside another soft play. And it gets really expensive really quickly! If you haven't already discovered The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre then now is a great time! Firstly it's FREE and air conditioned. If those aren't two very convincing reasons to head east, then maybe the newly designed play space, Rolling @ TAG will tick your boxes. 

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