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Square One, Plus Two

Back to square one. Currently living with my parents, with no intention to stray particularly far away. Twelve years, two children and countless house moves / long journeys / timezones later and I'm firmly rerooting in the one place I swore I'd never come back to. Oh life. How you test me sometimes. But as it turns out I needed to see more of the world to realise where my world is. And it's right here. Back in the old stomping ground…

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Reality

Summer 2018. The endless days. The quickest months. When we arrived back in England the country was firmly in the grip of a heat wave with World Cup and Love Island hysteria dominating every newschannel in existence (seemingly, anyway). And now it's late August and, apparently, Autumn. But we've managed two months of delicious summer when usually we'd only get treated to a couple of days of it...I'm FAR from complaining. But with the end of this glorious spell comes reality. We're in England. It's getting colder / windier / wetter / darker. And we're here to stay.

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Dear New Expat Mama, Welcome

It's almost exactly two years to the day that we made our move from the UK to Singapore official. Tis the season. Expat's will be coming and going all around the world right now and over the next couple of months or so. Removal firms will be booked, boxes packed, and lives condensed into twenty foot metal containers ready to be shipped to a new life somewhere. School places will be frantically sourced, leases negotiated, and visa's stamped. Sometimes it's a new life just beginning, sometimes it's an old life being rediscovered. To mark the beginning of "expat season" we've compiled some lovely snippets of advice from the expat mama community all over the world about this life, which are all (or at least some) of things I wish people had told me two years ago...

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