(Probably) The Cutest Handmade Christmas Card Ideas In The World

I don't know if it's because we're in Singapore for Christmas. Or if it's because we're avoiding the deluge of nursery and school festive crafts. But I'm REALLY up for getting a little more creative, and thoughtful, this year with the kiddies in the countdown to Christmas. And I know November is EARLY to start cracking out the red, green and sparkles but accounting for international shipping dates, the entire Christmas process has had to be brought forward. But I absolutely love this time of year, so no complaints here! If you have young(ish) kids and want to send something a lot cuter than a Christmas card from a Sainsbury's box of 100, then these ideas are SO easy. They're also very cute, and VERY Grandparent appropriate...  

What You'll Need

Card (just normal card folded in half to make "a card")

Paint (kids poster paints are perfect) in green and white

Sequins / sparkles (suitable for Christmas tree decorations)

Felt tips / crayons (for adding details)

Googly eyes (if you're fancy)


Hand-print Christmas Tree Card


Hand-print Father Christmas Card


Final Postage Dates For Christmas Delivery

If you're in the UK click here

If you're in Singapore click here

If you're in the USA click here

For all other parts of the world please check your local provider and international couriers directly! Please also keep in mind that a parcel can take significantly longer to reach it's destination than a Christmas card (and costs significantly more). It's allllll about the planning when you or your family (or friends) are overseas...!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing more posts all about our first Christmas overseas, including ideas on how to make one home feel less far away from the other. So keep your eyes peeled, check back, or even better SUBSCRIBE to The Expat Mama to have each blog post handily delivered right to your inbox!