Frozen Fun for Hot Summer Days


  Kids and hot days just aren't the easiest of combinations are they? I'm either slathering mine with factor 50 and watching for any hint of pink. Or I'm trying to calm tired and tetchy moods in the hope of getting something - anything - done that day. Needless to say that since arriving in the tropics our dietary intake of frozen goods has increased considerably. Did you know it is possible to exist entirely off frozen things? Just kidding. It's probably not advisable. But having a supply of healthy and yummy frozen snacks ready to go in the freezer definitely is advisable.


What you'll need

A selection of your kids favourite fruits, the more colourful the better

Yoghurt - greek is yummy, but you can cheat and use good quality fruit yoghurt


Condensed milk and regular milk


Almond / oat milk for a dairy free alternative

Lollipop moulds or plastic cups

Lollipop sticks or small good quality plastic / wooden spoons

Wooden BBQ kebab sticks

Optional: sprinkles, chocolate chips etc for decoration (see suggestions below each recipe idea for inspiration)

Get the kids involved

Obviously the making stage is very minimal. At most you'll have a little chopping and mixing to do. The trickiest part is filling the lollipop moulds but the mess is manageable and this is definitely an activity that the kids can (and should) get hands on with. And if they decide to start taste tasting the ingredients before you've finished, so what? Sticky faces and fruity kisses are just all part of the fun!

Basic recipe's

Idea 1: Milk Pops

Ingredients - one small can of light condensed milk, 200ml milk, flavouring (see below for ideas)

Method- Blitz all the ingredients together for a smooth creamy texture, spoon into moulds / cups and pop straight into the freezer.

Flavour suggestions: strawberry (200g fresh strawberries), raspberry and white chocolate (small punnet raspberries plus a handful of white chocolate chips which can be added to the mixture after blitzing), summer berry (any combination of soft fruits, about 200g in total).

Idea 2: Yoggy Pops

Ingredients- any good quality yoghurt (greek or fruit for a sweet treat, but natural works too)

Method: Chop any additional ingredients to the appropriate size for the moulds (see flavour options below for ideas), mix in with enough yoghurt to fill the moulds (typically half a large tub of yoghurt will make six, but it depends how many you're making and how full your moulds need to be...). Pop straight into the freezer.

Flavour suggestions: As above, but you can substitute white chocolate for vanilla yoghurt for a healthier alternative. For breakfast pops try greek yoghurt with a tablespoon of ground oats (like Ready Brek) plus fruit proportions as above. If you're using fruit flavoured yoghurt you can just freeze the filled moulds straight away without adding more fruit (cheat option). You can also add a teaspoon of granola (quite fine) to the bottom of the mould before adding the yoghurt mix for a crunchy topper.

Idea 3: Fruit Kebabs

Ingredients- chunky chopped fruits, ideally a brightly coloured selection

Method: as easy as they sound, simply thread chunks of fruit onto a kebab stick or onto a lolly stick and then freeze on a flat tray.

More suggestions: you could dip fruit chunks into yoghurt (and then rainbow coloured sprinkles) to add some fun to the lollies, or just add a stripe of sprinkles, or melted chocolate, to make them really instagram-able.

None of these are really recipe's in that they don't really involve any cooking skills whatsoever. But that makes them a perfect school holiday activity for the kids, led by the kids. They're also all great for using up fruit that's going a bit squishy.

Happy Summer!