Gin for Good Fortune


If you find yourself living under a deluge of oranges during Chinese New Year fear not. Oranges, tangerines, and satsumas are some of the most common foodstuffs around at this time of year, and it's all thanks to their association with wealth and good luck in Chinese tradition. The word orange sounds a lot like the Chinese word for wealth and tangerine sounds a lot like the Chinese word for luck, so you know there's really no excuse not to have a ton in the house. Not to mention the colour orange being associated with good fortune. There's three good reasons why you should stock up, and that's without looking at what you can actually do with them! Obviously you could just eat them. It's Spring, coughs and colds abound, so working your way through baskets of delicious vitamin C can only be a good thing. Absolutely. But it's also sort of boring after a while. So why not use them to jazz up some (definitely not traditional) Chinese New Year drinkies?

Orange peel makes a great addition to anything from a vodka and soda to a classic G&T. I'll just be straight up honest, I have the BEST gin for this, and I don't think it's available in Singapore. Sorry, we brought a bottle back with us after Christmas! But it's worth the OTT bubblewrapping and suitcase roulette. I'm talking about Liverpool Gin's Valencian Orange. I don't even know of anything like it in Singapore. However you could definitely use any off the shelf gin if your hearts set on a G&T with orange, although you may need to add a basil leaf to keep the taste more Mediterranean and less kitchen cleaner fluid.

Simply slice, chop and peel your oranges, or even get creative with chop sticks and other props, to make your favourite drink a little more CNY appropriate! Scroll down for a couple of gin based drink ideas!

Classic Orange Blossom

50ml gin

100 tonic water

10ml honey


Drizzle the honey into the bottom of a glass, add the gin and plenty of crushed or cubed ice. If you're adding a curled strip of orange peel garnish (like on the left) then you may find it easier to put it in the glass before the ice. Top up with tonic, add a straw or two, give it a quick swirl to mix. Devour.

Golden Gin Fizz

50ml gin

1 egg white

Juice of 2 oranges

5ml grenadine

Soda water to top up (optional)


Add the gin, egg white, freshly squeezed orange juice, grenadine and ice to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 3 minutes (no more, no less). Pour into a martini glass and top up with soda water. This is a workout that will get you pissed.

Liverpool Gin's "China Town Gin Fizz"

25ml gin

10ml lychee puree

Twist of black pepper

Dash lychee liqueur

Squeeze of lime

Prosecco (to top up)


Add gin, lychee puree, lychee liqueur, lime juice, black pepper and ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake for a minute or two, then strain into a champagne flute. Top up with prosecco. Adorn with a lychee garnish if you're being fancy.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Come back tomorrow for more ideas on how to enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration with year with luck and prosperity on your side…

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Have a very, hic, happy Chinese New Year!