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Something that it turns out my children miss from home is magazines. We used to let them each choose one magazine every couple of weeks or so to chuck in the trolley with the supermarket shop. Since moving to Singapore we've let them have a magazine each once. Just once. And they cost me the best part of $30. I thought they were expensive in England, not so much anymore.

And the thing is, I actually quite enjoy kiddie magazines because - and perhaps this says a lot about my ability to concentrate - the stories are broken down into really manageable chunks each edition, so I don't have to read the same bedtime story again and again. Instead we can flick through one of their magazines, learn a few useful(ish) facts about cute fluffy animals, or space or whatever, whizz through a cartoon story, and do the odd dot-to-dot and colouring page. A few quid well spent for a cup of coffee in peace, wouldn't you agree?

So you can imagine my excitement (relief) when Claire Blondel from Bayard got in touch...

A Little About Bayard

Claire says:

"For more than 50 years, Bayard Editions have been publishing innovative, high quality magazines for young readers of all ages, designed and written by education experts.

Everyone knows the benefits of reading : it starts with the pleasure of shared moments between parents and child and leads to individual pleasure when growing up. For us who live in South East Asia, it helps to develop or maintain their understanding of French language (but also in English, Spanish, Chinese or German) and build their vocabulary.

On top of that, they are eagerly waiting for their magazines each month because it is a lot of fun!"

Bayard And Us

So we very lucky to receive two magazines from Claire to have a little look through, try out (if that's thing you can do with a magazine?!), and just basically enjoy. Inkeeping with Bayard's European origins we opted for one English and one French magazine, both being aimed at kiddies aged between three and six (ish). Finn and Clara both speak English fluently, or at least as fluently as pre-schoolers can, and a smattering of French. One thing I will say, which is actually testament to the quality of the magazines we received, Finn and Clara were initially disappointed at the lack of plastic tat hanging off the front.

Plus, you know how flimsy the pages of kiddie magazines typically are? Not these. I usually end up collecting up shreds of paper from magazines which have completely fallen apart after being handled by over-enthusiastic kids, quite literally throwing my money away. So far I haven't even had to sellotape a page back together, let alone reattach it completely. Not what you buy magazines for, granted, but important nonetheless when it comes to kiddie magazines- they have to withstand the heavy handedness, you know?

So, to the contents. There are subtle similarities between the two magazines that if you're considering multiple language versions for bilingual (or attempting to be) children are really helpful. For example, there is a lovely story in each of the magazines about a family - the same family - that Finn and Clara picked up on immediately. The only difference I could see between the two (other than language and story lines) was that the English version didn't have an activity section whereas as the French version did. No problem with that though and certainly not if you're only needing one language.

Bayard Magazines The Expat Mama
Bayard Magazines The Expat Mama
Bayard Magazines The Expat Mama
Bayard Magazines The Expat Mama

Want To Know More?

To find out more or to subscribe please contact Claire directly either by phone on +65 9665 5608 or email her claire.blondel@bayard-mag.com

Alternatively you can subscribe online via the Bayard website here

AND, receive a 10% discount off one subscription, or 19% off two (or more) subscriptions when you quote the code E29

Magazines are offered in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese so they're perfect for us SE Asia-dwellers!