Homesickness: Day 3 of Missing Home...


A non-exhaustive list of some of the things I am currently missing after a glorious month at home. This is the precursor to homesickness. I know. Just let me wallow in it in my jet lagged, emotional state. Disclaimer: please don't judge me

  1. Love Island
  2. More specifically, watching Love Island with my bro whilst eating a family size tiramisu
  3. Cups of tea in the back garden
  4. Hayfever
  5. Grazia
  6. Being woken up by the dog
  7. The cheese shop
  8. Make up not sliding straight off
  9. Being able to ask someone else what's for dinner
  10. Someone else cooking dinner
  11. Someone else clearing the table after dinner
  12. The dishwasher
  13. Mum's chocolate cupboard
  14. Non-frizzy hair
  15. Cheap booze
  16. The squirrel forest
  17. Northern accents
  18. Free coffee in Waitrose
  19. Free coffee in Booths
  20. Not free coffee in Costa
  21. ASOS next day delivery
  22. Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles on tap
  23. My car
  24. Line dried washing
  25. Bonnie's demands (the cat)
  26. Non-stop wedding chat
  27. Fresh sea air
  28. Stairs
  29. iplayer/itv hub/C4 on demand
  30. No threat of mozzies
  31. Coffee in the village being code for day time drinking in the village
  32. The village
  33. Knowing the value of something whilst understanding the cost
  34. Sarcasm
  35. The ice cream tub of tadpoles Dad "rescued"
  36. Boots advantage card points
  37. Putting a jumper on for the evening dog walk
  38. Dobbie's coffee and walnut cake
  39. BBC news with Huw Edwards
  40. Hair products designed for blonde hair
  41. Proper sized bin bags
  42. Tea with milk as standard
  43. TV without subtitles
  44. Chocolate at room temperature
  45. Just...British room temperature
  46. Being in the Whatsapp conversations at the same time as everyone else
  47. Toilets that don't try to flush themselves half way through
  48. Lengthy conversations about the weather
  49. Clotted cream
  50. Silence at night time

I should admit that whilst we were in the UK there was one thing I missed slightly. Aside from friends, the pool and the tropical sunshine everyday that is. I missed chicken rice. So, so much. Because I'm so Singaporean now, lah!