I Miss Autumn & Other Fleeting Thoughts As the Seasons Don't Change


Just another list of all* the things I miss about home right now because Singapore is still hot and sweaty (it always is), and the world of Facebook has turned to Autumn without me... *some

  1. The nights drawing in
  2. The smell of bonfires and fireworks lingering in the air
  3. Woolly jumpers
  4. Woolly hats
  5. Woolly scarves
  6. The moment the central heating gets turned back on
  7. Changing of the clocks
  8. Ready Brek
  9. Welly boots
  10. Spiders (KIDDING, obviously)
  11. Feeding the ducks
  12. Crumpets
  13. Antiques Roadshow
  14. Stew and dumplings
  15. Dressing in layers
  16. Opaque tights
  17. Dark manicures
  18. The first evening the fire is lit
  19. Crunchy leaves
  20. Putting the cover over the barbecue one last time, and weighing it down with bricks
  21. Hot chocolate
  22. Onesies
  23. Ugg boots (sorry, not sorry)
  24. Defrosting the car
  25. Vests
  26. Moans of "oh it's so dark so quickly"
  27. Also, moans of "oh it's so cold now"
  28. Counting down the days until Christmas and actually feeling excited
  29. Kids assembly hymns, namely "Autumn days when the grass is jewelled..."
  30. Toffee apples
  31. The day the red cups come out
  32. Apple bobbing
  33. Stamping your feet and blowing into your hands to get warm
  34. Having a hot shower / bath to warm through
  35. Watching the clouds in case of rain / hail / snow
  36. Uttering the words "snow day?" knowing full well it's not going to happen for another couple of months (or ever)
  37. Tesco's having a fireworks counter at the entrance
  38. Having a cupboard full of ALL the cold / flu medications even though none of them work
  39. The day you can wear your winter coat (aka duvet with sleeves)
  40. Collecting pine cones ready for....you know what
  41. Excessive numbers of candles burning
  42. Checking for hedgehogs
  43. Re-telling the story of Guy Fawkes
  44. Decent TV
  45. Being able to justify more blanket purchases
  46. Planting bulbs ready for Springtime
  47. Wearing black, all over, all day, every day
  48. Hearing the first radio play of Mariah's Christmas anthem (you know the one)
  49. Yorkshire puddings becoming a legit food group (aka stodge)
  50. Mum tutting "remember in the Summer when you were complaining about how hot you were..."
  51. Everyone suffering from SAD
  52. No bra winter fashion
  53. Thick socks
  54. Electric blankets
  55. Going to work in the dark (jokes)
  56. Getting home from work in the dark (again, jokes)
  57. Questioning when you last had a dose of vitamin D, and genuinely not remembering the last blast of sunshine
  58. Struggling to figure out the optimum in-car temperature 
  59. Pumpkins that don't cost $40 each
  60. Tidying up the garden ready for Winter
  61. Root veg selection punnets / bags being a quid (and enough to make a soup)
  62. Soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  63. Seeing your breath being confirmation that it is, indeed, a tad chilly
  64. Rugby match Saturdays
  65. Blackberry picking
  66. Wearing socks to bed
  67. Microwavable lavender pillows / hot water bottles
  68. Extended discussions as to whether that is rain, hail, sleet or....snow?
  69. Having to respray all suede and leather footwear ready for the onslaught of puddles
  70. Asking people their plans for Christmas and there be no mention of long haul flights or tropical destinations
  71. HOT PASTIES (this is an edit and should have been included in the original list, obviously)