Island Hopping: Kusu, Singapore


Kusu is a TINY island that makes up part of the Southern Islands, to the south of Singapore. Like so much of Singapore, it's mostly man made. But it's the rough and ready, get what you see, younger island sibling to the likes of Sentosa. Kusu is basic, make no mistake of that though. There are toilets (bring your own toilet roll to avoid getting caught out). And plenty of wildlife. But that's more or less it (aside from a temple, and lots of picnic tables). If you have a day to spare in Singapore, and are keen for an island escape, then Kusu is a brilliant option.  

Things To Know About Visiting Kusu

  1. It's REALLY, really small
  2. It's only accessible by boat
  3. The name Kusu means tortoise in Chinese
  4. The island is home to a small sanctuary for tortoises
  5. The island is also home to a Chinese temple
  6. It's for day trippers only (there is nowhere to stay overnight anyway!)
  7. There are toilets on the island, but they're basic, and there are no other amenities
  8. Douse yourself in mozzie spray, this place is bugs galore
  9. We also spotted a giant water monitor lizard which was easily the size of the kids
  10. There are monkeys, and they can be quite (very) aggresive so pick your picnic spot carefully and keep the kids at a distance
  11. There is plenty of shade throughout the island (but still take stacks of sun cream)
  12. There are two main beaches with safe swimming areas, the water quality is good
  13. The ferry to Kusu leaves from Marina South Pier, and takes about an hour to get to Kusu, going via St. John Island first
  14. Check the ferry times here
  15. There are barbecue areas along the beach, but you will need to take EVERYTHING with you, and take it all back home again
  16. The island offers a killer view of the Singapore skyline
  17. At $18 for an adult return ticket ($12 for a child), it has to be one of Singapore's cheapest days out
  18. The island itself has pathways suitable for pushchairs HOWEVER you need to bare in mind getting a pushchair on and off the ferry (do-able, but needs consideration)
  19. Take plenty of water with you for drinking (and food for eating)
  20. Don't be concerned if you're the only people on the island, it seems to be one of Singapore's better kept secrets, but the ferry will come back for you