Kids Got Fever, Disco Fever


So yesterday was the big day. My anniversary, as Mariah would say. Twenty nine years of being me. I was pretty stuck on what to do to celebrate the warm up event to my thirtieth next year, and then the lovely people at Silent Disco Asia got in contact and my birthday was suddenly a family affair of light up headphones, cheesy tunes and crazy dancing. Which, by the way, is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to do to mark the last year of my twenties. And, for complete transparency, this is a sponsored blog post in that they sorted my birthday out for me and I'm reviewing the experience (but the review itself is completely my own thoughts and observations, so you can trust what I say). ANYWAY

Silent disco-ing was a first time thing for me and for the kids (can't speak for my husband, his twenties seem to have been a dubiously vague decade spent repping around Europe), so we weren't completely sure what to expect. Silent Disco Asia have brought the silent phenomonom to this part of the world, and right now are hosting regular parties for kids and grown up's (and just grown up's) as part of the i Light Festival in and around Marina Bay. The location is brilliant- in the Marina Bay City Gallery building with floor to ceiling glass walls and views out onto the hustle and bustle of Singapore's marina and the Central Business District. It's a super short walk out of Marina Bay Shoppes if you're making a day of it and looking for somewhere to eat (we found ourselves in the Superhero Cafe much to the delight of my husband, I mean kids, much to the delight of our kids) and there are lots of travel options to get to the area (check either Silent Disco Asia's website or i Light Festival, both linked above). The facilities are also ok, there are only three female toilet cubicles though so you may need to queue (plus there's male toilets) and I didn't see any baby changing facilities so pack a mat and find a quiet corner if you need to I guess? On the plus side there was only one door in and out, which was staffed, so there was minimal risk of kiddie's being able to wander out unchallenged and - potentially best bit of all - there was a bar!!! Granted, it's pretty small and is a cash only bar (so pack your pennies!) but they serve beer by the cupful ($7 each of 4 for $21) plus non alcoholic drinks and mineral water ($3). However, no squash or cartons for kiddies, so pack your own snacks for the little's and you're all set for a good time.

To the important part, the music. We were each given a set of headphones with three channel options - green, red and blue - which are controlled by a switch on the set of headphones, along with a volume control. For seriously little ravers the headphones are padded with sponge on top so they sit correctly on the head/ears, a very simple but effective solution for the eighteen month old twins we had with us (my friend's kids, not mine obviously). The only criticism I have is that the headphones, when turned up, are LOUD. They're designed for grown up movers and groovers and not sensitive little ears, so before you send your kids off to do their party thing just check how loud the volume is set to (and read them the riot act about turning it up, Father Christmas watching, going deaf by the time they're a teenage etc etc). Otherwise, it's a very easy couple of hours entertainment. The kids were all quick to change their channel when the music wasn't right for their sugared up teeny bopper dancing style (quite a lot of Disney Christmas tunes on the green channel yesterday, weirdly), but the red channel offered plenty of cheesy pop sing-a-long's whilst the blue channel was more dance-y (and the channel of choice for most Dad's of a certain age doing the shuffle).

Two hours of what is essentially non-stop kiddie cardio was plenty long enough, and both mine had full blown meltdowns when they had to give the headphones back at the end. They were in that stage of disco nirvana where they didn't want it to end, even though they were clearly exhausted and needed food/water/sleep URGENTLY. Like the Glasto experience but with fewer bad smells and all over in a matter of hours not days. And also a lot cheaper- at $40 for a family ticket it's a good deal, especially for Singapore.


So, moment of truth.... did we enjoy it? Yes. Would we go again? Yes. Would we recommend it? Absolutely, yes.

Thanks for a great birthday treat Silent Disco Asia!


Tickets for future Silent Disco Asia events are available here