Meow Meow Meow... Meomi Cat Cafe With Kids


It's a crazy concept isn't it really, a cat cafe? It's just something else we have to thank this decade for. Up until approximately 11am this morning cat cafes were firmly categorised in my head under "slightly weird stuff" and "very London". Insert eye roll and northern tut sound here. Well, look at me now! There is, as my mother would say, nothing worse than a convert. The mathematics is very simple.

Insta-friendly cats + a full cafe menu + lounging around on the floor + a quiet, calm environment = an excellent antidote to life

And so cat cafe's were born. 

The original four pawed equation doesn't account for small humans though, so taking Finn and Clara was a risk. A measured risk though. Meomi is the only cat cafe in Singapore that seems to allow children from the age of four (as opposed to six or seven, which seems to be the norm), so that was a good sign. And obviously up until her recent death, the kids were somewhat used to Bonnie and knew the 101 on kiddie-cat behaviour. So you know, how wrong could this go?


Before You Go

First thing I'll say - just in case it's not absolutely obvious - don't go if you're allergic. Let's just put it out there. Cat cafe's host real life, fur dropping cats who have claws in their paws and tongue's in their mouths. If there's anything about those things that doesn't do it for you then don't visit a cat cafe. 

Second thing I'll say - which also should be obvious but may not be - RESEARCH the crap out of where you're thinking of visiting before you go. Are there any reviews online? Is the cafe affiliated with any animal welfare charities? Where are the animals from? Does the business publish their own welfare policies? What conditions are the animals kept in, etc etc...


Meomi Cafe

Considering this was the only cafe I could find who didn't flat out refuse kids below the age of about seven, they could not have been more welcoming. They even charge a kids rate, which seems pretty good of them considering the kids don't get any less feline fun. Although I must admit we treated ourselves to the full whack of an hour with the cats plus a drink and something to eat for $19. Food-wise the menu isn't vast, but you don't go to a cat cafe for the grub do you really? Clara and I plumped for cake (of course) and Finn had a hearty bowl of nacho's. It sounds kind of grim, but there aren't tables as such. You eat with the cats, and pop your drinks (that all come with lids) and food on mini tables that double up as cat stands. But it's all so super clean - this IS Singapore - that it doesn't feel gross. And there's absolutely no fur flying about. These cats are insanely well groomed, looked after and pampered.

The cat's are also SO gentle and docile that initially I thought I'd made a massive error and the "cat" cafe was actually just a room full of realistic stuffed ones. They're all alive. But they're cuddle cats. It took quite a lot of trying before one of them FINALLY played with the cat teaser I was tempting them with. That's cats for you though. They do what they want, when they want. And apparently 11am on a Monday morning isn't the right time for a play. I guess we'll have to go back another time to find out. Meomi offers a loyalty card for visitors, which sounds very cat-human relationship appropriate. Let's be honest, cats ain't gonna have a loyalty card for anyone.


Find Out More


Address: 668 North Bridge Road, Singapore (almost on the corner with Haji Lane)

Phone: (+65) 6296 0339


Quick Facts

Children must be age 4 and over

No need to book in advance (may vary during peak periods)

Payment can only be made via cash or nets

Closed on Fridays

Open 11am-10pm every other day (unless stated otherwise, check their Facebook page for more information)

Excellent transport links and very easy to get to / from

You are charged for the time you spend there, starting at one hour minimum