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  I'm terrible when it comes to sleep. I blame motherhood. And my husbands snoring. And the constant noise of traffic in Singapore. At home (the UK), I sleep with two duvets piled on top of me, but with the windows open. There's barely a sound from outside, and the fresh sea air guarantee's us all a decent sleep. However, if we were to sleep with the windows open here it would be like sleeping at the side of a motorway, the flying wildlife of Singapore's East Coast would come and join us uninvited, and the "fresh sea air" would be hot, sticky, slightly polluted air blowing straight in from the ship's. So that's a no from me.

I'm also not about to ditch my husband on account of his "turbulent airflows" and "floppy nasal tissue" (the technical terms). In his defence he isn't a snorer through any fault of his own. Partly a result of genetics (Finn is also a snorer), but mostly a result of environmental factors here, sleep quality can be a problem in this particular home. So when European Bedding contacted me and asked if we'd like to try out their Heveya Organic Latex Pillows I must admit I didn't think twice. 


Heveya Organic Latex Pillows - The Verdict

The blurb for these pillows include anti-mould, anti-dust mite and anti-allergy. Alas, they say nothing about anti-snoring, anti-traffic noise and anti-child. Am I asking too much of a pillow? Maybe. On the plus side, the pillows are designed with ventilation holes which encourage moisture regulation. I'm a sleep dribbler, so that's a definite win for me. And wow, ALL the sleep secrets are coming out now.

The latex is also a natural anti-microbial material. So perfectly suited to Singapore where the constant heat and humidity means things seem to fester. Sorry for the gross wording. But keeping everything hygienic without the use of chemicals is a struggle in this climate.  In fact, European Bedding's products come with several certifications so it's not all just a marketing ploy. It's actual science. did we sleep?

Once we'd turfed the little people out of our bed (apparently the shape, size and feel of Heveya pillows makes for GREAT pillow fort foundations), not so badly. The bamboo covers are super soft, similar to cot bedding actually. However if you're not a fan of the smell of latex you will want to invest in another layer of cover. It might be because they're new still, but they have a distinct whiff of dentist hands. Which you may or may not be into when in bed. It's not a particularly strong smell, but if you nuzzle your pillow then you'll be aware of it.

The other thing that took me a moment to get used to is the bounce factor. Ok so they're pillows made of latex, which is a natural rubber, but for some reason I was still surprised by the resistance when I threw my head down. There was a definite bounce. But I rather enjoyed it as my hair flailed, and I felt like I was some light headed advert model bouncing merrily into bed. As opposed to the reality of a slightly knackered mother crawling into bed to find child related detritus tucked under the duvet. Or even a child. I can only begin to imagine the fun of a latex mattress... ANYWAY. The plus point of this bounciness is that the pillows won't sink under the excessive weight of my head apparently. So fingers crossed I won't be throwing out a saggy, sad excuse for an old pillow in six months time. I have high expectations here, so check back next Spring for an update.

And what of the anti-allergy claims? I'm all for a fair fight, so the pile of pillows I normally lounge among had to go. All six of them. All six slightly old, slightly saggy, supermarket bought pillows. My husband rejoiced at this alone. He's quality to my quantity. In the pillow world anyway. And do you know what? It was a sleep revolution. I won't over exaggerate the powers of a pillow, but I really do feel like I've had a better nights sleep. The traffic noise still kept me awake as I was trying to fall asleep, but that's city life. And Karl didn't suddenly find his sinuses healed by a miracle pillow either. But I didn't wake up with a stiff neck and feeling like I spent more of the night awake than asleep. A vast improvement, and one which I'll take.


About European Bedding

"A premium bedding store in the vicinity of Tiong Bahru, we recognise the demand for a sleeping system which focuses on good back support and individual needs, rather than fancy looks alone. We sell high quality latex mattresses, latex pillows and adjustable slatted bed bases from a wide variety of European brands – all of which are made from natural materials."

And here are just 5 reasons why you might consider shopping at European Bedding for all your bed and bedding needs in future...

  1. You can go completely custom. Not only can the firmness be made bespoke to your needs, but the size can be too. And as it turns out this is really helpful for expats. I had no idea before we moved here that basically every major supplier of bed stuff in Singapore have their own sizing system. Because moving to the other side of the world isn't hassle enough, but you also need to know what dimensions of Queen size you're talking about.
  2. Think a latex mattress or pillow sound a little, well, faddy? Think again! The company that supplies the latex was founded in 1955! I had no idea latex beds were a thing. Let alone a thing for over sixty years. And just to top that, they also supplied the latex for the mattresses used by top athletes from Tour de France teams to professional footballers. Obviously the ultimate test is a mother with young kids though.
  3. When you buy from European Bedding you give back to the community. For every mattress sold the company donates between $25 and $50 to local charity The Red Pencil Singapore. So you really can sleep well.
  4. European Bedding guarantee you a good night sleep. And if you don't, you have 30 days to let them know.
  5. I'm grossed out by the following statement "as we spend 8 hrs per night on our mattress and lose more than a litre of liquid per night, it is necessary to be able to clean your mattress cover at least once a year" from the European Bedding website. Thanks for the removable and machine washable covers European Bedding!


Contact European Bedding


Phone: +65 9654 3228

Showroom Address: 32 Eng Hoon Street (level 2) Singapore 169780

Opening Hours: Tue - Sat (9 am - 6 pm), Sun (1 - 6 pm)

European Bedding kindly provided me with two Heveya Organic Latex Pillows to review for this post. The content however, is entirely my own.