The Mothers Day Gift List


I promise I'm not writing this post with anyone in particular in mind. Oh how she lies. If any of these goodies end up my way on 14th May, then I definitely won't be disappointed (HINT, Karl, this is a hint). This is the first year that we almost entirely ignored Mothering Sunday in the UK and have decided to go with the local Mothers Day celebration instead. For a brief moment I thought I'd managed to wangle two celebrations of me, but no. And so, with three weeks to go until the big day I'm sharing some lovely ideas I have in mind for all the hard-working and much deserving Mama's I know, with not one sad looking bunch of roadside garage flowers in sight...  

Artifact Uprising Mothers Day Gift Idea
Artifact Uprising Mothers Day Gift Idea

Okay, so nothing exactly groundbreaking here. But in the days of smartphones and social media, do we ever print off photographs and store them in an actual album? Rarely, if ever, I'd suggest. My Mum was so disciplined when we were kids printing off photo's, sticking them into our childhood albums with little notes underneath about where they were taken and when. Me? I just whack them on Insta with a moderately witty caption and forget about the joy of pawing through hardback albums in years to come. If you, like me, are a bit crap at this parenting goal then let's all praise the gods of the internet for bestowing upon us the modern photo album- the photo book. It's somewhere between a stylish coffee table book and a record of all things childhood/parenting related. There's loads of websites offering photo books, but one I'm particularly taken with (and offers international delivery) is US based Artifact Uprising as not only do they create objects of beauty from the faces of my children and my on the hoof photography style, but their products are jam-packed full of recycled and reclaimed materials. All the wins! Get a shuffle on though- you need to order by 27th April for Mothers Day delivery.

Want to wear you heart on your, erm, chest? I love this t-shirt from The FMLY Store in the UK. They do a range of T's and sweatshirts with various parenting related slogans, but We Are All Wonder Women is probably my favourite (right now, anyway). It just sends...the right message, you know? Plus, buying this means £10 going to MOTHERS2MOTHERS who "employ, train and empower mothers living with HIV, called Mentor Mothers, to end paediatric AIDS". This would also make a brilliant present for the woman who is  a mother-figure but not the mother, someone who should be celebrated but without pastel hued flowers and naff poems about a mothers love. You know the woman. International shipping available.

Buying for the lady who doesn't need more stuff, she just needs a massive hug, or at the very least to be told she's a total superstar smashing her way through life/pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding/motherhood? Since moving to Singapore and having something of a maternal wobble I've started using yesmum affirmation cards to remind myself that in doing the best that I can I'm doing enough, one card at a time. With cards for every step of the motherhood journey these would make a great present for someone who doesn't want a big fuss made of her, but she'd love the reminder she's acing life right now. And, at only £10.50 a pack they're as affordable as they are thoughtful. Of course international shipping is available (and, for what it's worth, the packaging gets a big thumbs up too).

Bit more of a pricey gift, but the personalised necklaces from Rina Oliveira are absolute beauty's. Word of warning though- if you have kiddies with arms that are flung around your neck with off the scale enthusiasm, this necklace is very delicate and may well break (speaking from experience). However, for the Mama with older kiddies or even for a Glam-Mother, then this is such a sweet gift. There are multiple options for personalising with one or two initials and various different metals available so there's something to suit everyone. But seriously, it is very delicate, so you have been warned. International shipping comes as standard.


A certain level of knowing someone is required to give/receive Cowshed products, particularly women, particularly those who are sleep deprived mothers. But if you're not totally without a sense of humour and can appreciate the simple pleasure of a hot bath and a scented candle then this is for you. Or her. Depending on who you're actually buying for this Mothers Day. I was introduced to Knackered Cow by a dear friend just after I'd given birth to Finn, and ever since then I've had a soft spot for this scent. In fact I bought my Mum a set of bath smellies from this range at Christmas. She feigned offence for about two seconds, then had a good whiff and was a convert to the Knackered Cow Club. I want to say it's a very exclusive collective of women, but really it's most of us- sprog or not. For free international delivery buy from ASOS.

Chocolate is almost always going to be the ultimate gift. But let's step things up a notch here. I'm not talking about a half price Thorno's selection, or even splashing out on a pink box of truffles. No, no. I'm talking about a chocolate subscription. Chocolates delivered, every month, to the door of your beloved. Quite literally how to keep her sweet. Cocoa Runners offer a very grown up selection and (best news EVER), the subscription can be delivered internationally for just over £20 a month. Besides, Mama's are worth celebrating more than just one day a year. Am I right, or am I right?

I'm absolutely NOT going to suggest anyone read a cheesy motherhood book. In general they make me want to be sick in my mouth. They are quite possibly one of the worst things to happen to modern day mothers. Us normal women will never, ever compare to the beautiful ladies with intact fanny's and clean swooshy hair. Honest observations about the shittiness and wonderment of motherhood are okay though. And when I was a breastfeeding hermit it was the likes of Hollie who persuaded me and my bountiful tits to come out into the sunshine. A pick up/put down book of poetry is a thoughtful gift for the Mama who only sits to feed babies and change nappies. Waterstones ship internationally.

The countdown is officially ON! Remember ladies and gents, 14th May is Mothers Day, order by 28th April for most international shipping to get to you in time (I hold no responsibility for individual postage times or methods).

All in all I'm wishing all the brilliant women of the world a very happy Mothers Day!