Will and Kate, a Wedding and a Pee Stick

Pregnancy Announcement Ultrasound Scan Will and Kate
Pregnancy Announcement Ultrasound Scan Will and Kate

Six years ago today two major events happened. Will and Kate got hitched. And I discovered I was pregnant. It was a memorable day for at least those two reasons. Despite taking Biology A-Level the two blue lines came as something of a surprise, not least because Karl and I were definitely NOT trying to procreate. We'd been together six months, I'd just turned 23, and we were in that lovely phase of a new relationship where it's all hand holding and wuv woo's. I was diligently popping my Cilest pills under the impression that for all the early nights and late mornings we were having, nothing else would be late. Or non-existent. 

I don't know how long other women leave it after a delayed period to take a pregnancy test, but I did basically wait the entire month. Every day I'd wake up and be like TODAY IS THE DAY. And then nothing would happen. So I'd wait another day. And another. And another. Before I knew it, the end of April 2011 was upon me and no matter which pair of fancy under crackers I wore there was just no tempting my period to make an appearance. So I mean, I did what any other 23 year old in denial of their cycle status would do...I went to the pub.

To be fair it was an East London pub with a big screen set up of the royal wedding and alottt of booze flowing (how else would a nation celebrate the nuptials of our future King?). Being in London for the royal wedding was amazing, let me just say that, and I will never forget being part of the excitement. But the test? Well obviously I'd gotten myself some Dutch courage hadn't I? Which is why I found myself in the bogs of Liverpool Street station later that day with my sis egging me on as I peed on a stick. And then proceeded to spend ages trying to decide if the really faint line was a shadow or an actual line.

Spoiler alert: it was an actual line. 

Forever more, or at least for as long as I shall live, the 29th April will always be the anniversary of my drunken pregnancy discovery. Will and Kate have no idea of the company they are in with our sharing of that special date for life changing moments.

You know what else though (and I'll assume the newlyweds also went to bed that night feeling the same way about their day), it felt right. Even though I was young, and Karl and I hadn't really established life as a couple yet, and I was only just getting started in my career, and we weren't married, and we didn't own a house, and it seemed totally crazy to anyone else but us, it felt right. Completely overwhelming to the point that I couldn't even summon the words to tell him so I just whatsapped him a picture of a day old pregnancy test (still not significantly clearer as to the result), but it still felt like it was all happening for a reason. 

So happy wedding anniversary Will and Kate, and thank you for throwing London the biggest party we've seen in a lifetime (my lifetime anyway). It was a fabulous day and honestly I've never witnessed excitement like it. I've never seen London looking so beautiful and so alive.

29th April 2011 is one of my favourite days ever, and will go down in history as the day that I didn't begrudge the 30p investment in a train station toilet trip.